Layer pads

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Layer pads are used as a protective layer in boxes, containers and other outer packaging where they isolate individual layers of products placed in cushioning inserts, grids or interlocking partitions. The layer pads may be a simple of blank or plate, they may incorporate various shaped cut-outs or handles. The layer pads can be provided with 3D cushioning inserts for securing individual products.

Materials used:

  • cartonplast
  • cartonplast laminated with fabric
  • corrugated cardboard
  • foam polyethylene
  • bubble foil,
  • laminated HDPE foil
  • foam polyurethane (soft foam).


  • individual layer pads
  • layer pads with cut-outs, holes, etc.
  • layer pads inserted into a box
  • layer pads laminated with fabric
  • sealed edge layer pads
  • layer pads with cushioning inserts.


  • marked by print or adhesive labels
  • self-adhesive layer for firm attachment to the base.
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    Soft foam layer pads

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    Layer pads with foam polyethylene cushioning inserts

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    Various types of layer pads