Expanded packaging

Expandované obaly 1

This group of packaging is manufactured by injecting material into a mould (made for a particular project) where it expands and joins into a single piece. This is very lightweight packaging (up to 98% of their volume is air) with excellent protection properties, washable and fully recyclable. This packaging can be produced as a form of self-supporting frames and boxes (returnable packaging) or as inserts/custom cut-outs to be used with outer plastic or cardboard packaging (disposable packaging).

Due to the cost of the form this group of packaging is intended more for medium and large product runs most often in electric-technical and automotive industries. However, we also offer standard protective packaging suitable for protection of small product runs. For smaller runs polystyrene packaging can also be carved from a block.

Materials used:

  • expanded polystyrene (EPS)
  • expanded polypropylene (EPP)
  • Flexi-Por®.


Packaging Types:

  • box (with or without lid)
  • self-supporting frame with cushioning insert
  • box with integrated cushioning insert
  • custom cut-outs of various shapes and sizes
  • standardized protective elements (L profiles, corners, etc.).



  • labelled or embossed
  • ESD (antistatic) design
  • Expandované obaly 2

    Self-supporting EPP box with integrated cushioning inserts

  • Expandované obaly 3
    Self-supporting frame from EPP
  • Expandované obaly 4

    Set of standard EPS security elements

  • Expandované obaly 7

    EPP box with internal elements

  • Expandované obaly 8

    Standard polystyrene box

  • Expandované obaly 5

    Cut polystyrene