Carton packaging

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Corrugated cardboard and packaging which is made out of it are among the most widely used group of disposable packaging. We design and manufacture cartons of all shapes and sizes including using a combination of other materials. The advantage of paper packaging is its low weight, high strength, excellent protective properties and wide production possibilities.

We offer simple boxes and shaped cut-outs according to FEFCO catalogue. We also design and manufacture complex paper packaging which is designed specifically for a particular product, including, of course, void fills, cushioning inserts or combination with other materials. We also offer waterproof and greaseproof packaging or containers with anti-corrosive or antistatic finish. Custom packaging development is handled by a team of our designers with extensive experience in industrial packaging.

Material used:

  • various kinds of three-, five- and seven-layer corrugated cardboard.


  • top folding boxes
  • lid boxes
  • custom cut-outs and cushioning inserts
  • dividers
  • inserts
  • shipping packaging
  • group packing
  • pallet boxes and octabins
  • special packaging tailored to customers.



  • special cut-outs such as handles and windows
  • surface treatment - anti-corrosive, grease proof, anti-static
  • printed or marked with a label
  • document pouches
  • combination with other materials.
  • Kartonáž 3

    Pallet box reinforced with wood

  • Kartonáž 4

    Cardboard box with internal ESD finish

  • Kartonáž 1

    Printed box with internal cushioning inserts

  • Karton rastr

    Cardboard interlocking partitions

  • Kartonáž 6

    A detail of corrugated cardboard cushioning insert