Stackable boxes

Tvarovky 3

We produce plastic transport boxes in a wide range of designs according to the specific needs of the customer, including various void fills and cushioning inserts - from carton-plastic interlocking partitions through to foam fillings and textile liners. The advantage of plastic boxes (as opposed to KLT) is the possibility to adapt their dimensions in any way.

The most common use of this packaging is for internal or external logistics of group of products, especially within the automotive or electrical industries where the boxes (in combination with the interior panels) provide 100% protection for packaged goods and facilitate handling and storage.

Material used:

  • core polypropylene (kartonplast)
  • bubble polypropylene.



  • closed box from all sides
  • open box with or without a lid
  • open from one or two lateral sides
  • with top or side overlap of foil or fabric.

Sides Joining Options:

  • folding boxes without heat welding, i.e. box is held by a stacking frame
  • locking tabs heat-welded boxes,
  • high-frequency heat-welded boxes
  • joining with plastic rivets
  • heat welded in corners.

Other box options:

  • handles
  • reinforced frame
  • stacking rails (PVC or ALU)
  • marked with PVC document pouches or labels
  • printed
  • replaceable elements of cells.
  • _06A2291

    Stackable boxes of different sizes

  • Tvarovky 4

    Stackable box with foam polyethylene cushioning inserts

  • box 2

    Box with textile lining and hinged mechanism

  • box 3

    Box with double-layer textile lining

  • box

    Boxes with fabric overlap and EPE internal cushioning inserts