Moulded pulp packaging

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Moulded pulp packaging

Moulded pulp packaging is an effective, modern and environmentally friendly way to protect products. It is a very light packaging with excellent protective properties. This packaging comes in many forms, for example custom cut outs or cushioning inserts. One-way paper pallets are also very popular.

Moulded pulp packaging is primarily used in final packaging in the electrical technical and consumer industries. All our moulded pulp custom cut outs are designed so that they not only absorb possible shocks but also so that they perfectly fill the remaining space in the carton or other outer packaging. This way we achieve 100% protection of the goods.

Our moulded pulp packaging meets the most stringent environmental requirements. Its production is waste-free (including water circulation). The input raw material for the production is exclusively from recycled materials (technological waste from our production of cartons, waste paper, used cartons, etc.). In addition to that, the packaging is recyclable.

Materials used:

 ●      paper


Types of packaging:

●        custom cut outs of various shapes and sizes

●        standardized protective elements (L profiles, corners, etc.)

●        pallets



●     packaging can be embossed

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