Metal structures

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In terms of industrial packaging, metal structures can be found in several types. Very often it is a separate supporting element with integrated (and replaceable) cushioning insert from another material (core polypropylene, non-woven fabric, foamed polyethylene, etc.) that serves to store components during the manufacturing or logistics process. Another type of the metal structures may be a hanging structure (with a sewn insert) for insertion into KLTs or other boxes.

Another type of the metal structures is the so-called sequential trolleys or trolley trains used primarily in the automotive industry.

Metal structures are always manufactured according to customer requirements and demands - load bearing capacity, type of packaged product and handling properties. Metal structures have a very long service life and high capacity and variability. They can be small trolleys or multi-meter mobile towers with mechanical / electrical control of individual storage levels.

Metal structures can also be collapsible so when they are empty they do not take up space unnecessarily and their return is as economical as possible.

Materials used:

  • coated steel
  • aluminium.


  • pallet frames
  • reinforcements,
  • self-supporting structures
  • sequential trolleys
  • trolley trains
  • inserts into boxes.



  • foldable,
  • levels can be solid or with hinged construction,
  • marking with sewn or sticky labels,
  • added elements from various materials - overlays, sewn inserts, etc.
  • top or side filling.
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    Sequential trolley

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    Metal construction with sewn insert
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    Composite metal construction with sewn insert

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    Metal construction

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    Metal box

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    Label detail