Grids / interlocking partitions

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Interlocking partitions and grids are types of packaging for group in-process packaging to separate and secure individual parts. Interlocking partitions and grids can be designed and manufactured as disposable or reusable. Grids and interlocking partitions are designed as folding (bottomless) type or plastic box type (with a base). Interlocking partitions can include special cushioning insert points that eliminate the movement of individual parts during transportation.

Materials used:

  • cartonplast
  • cartonplast laminated with fabric
  • multilayer corrugated cardboard
  • foam polyethylene
  • non-woven fabrics.



  • individual grids
  • grid (inserted into box or container)
  • grid with base and frame.



  • special cushioning insert points to eliminate movement of individual parts
  • sewn, printed or adhesive labels
  • scratch protection layer
  • document pouches.
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    Grid with foam polyethylene base

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    Corrugated cardboard grid

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    Cartonplast grid

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    Cartonplast grid covered in non-woven fabric