Euro containers


Euro containers are standardized plastic boxes optimized for the automotive or engineering industries. Euro containers are very resistant to impact or chemicals and they stack well. Euro containers have modular dimensions and can be easily combined to fully utilize a pallet. Standardized containers are also suitable for automatic production lines.

We can equip euro containers with inserts, such as sewn liners, grids or custom cut-outs as per requests by the customer.

Materials used:

  • polypropylene copolymer (PP).


  • various euro containers sizes,
  • full or empty handles
  • ESD variation,
  • with lid / without lid.



  • printed
  • inserts - sewn liners, EPE custom cut-outs, grids, etc.
  • přepravky 2

    Euro containers with lid

  • Přepravky ESD
    ESD euro containers
  • přepravky 3

    Euro containers without lid

  • přepravky 1

    ESD Euro containers with lid